There is no 'To Do' list on Lanta - when not relaxing on the beach the most popular activity is to rent a bike or scooter and leisurely explore the island ; drive down the west coast from beach to beach, cross through to the east coast to visit Old Town or over the Siri Lanta Bridge to explore Ko Lanta Noi. Here are a few examples of activities to check out...

Trek to the waterfall or one of the local caves - Khao Mai Kaew, Tiger Cave or a third on Ko Talabeng just off the east cost

Snorkeling & Island Tours

Take a longtail to the east coast islands or kayak through the mangroves on Lanta Noi

Ko Rok Tour: A pair of limestone islands containing a full square mile of coral reef with excellent visibility. Fine powder beaches and numerous snorkel sites along with large local monitor lizards inland to keep you company over lunch

4 Island Tour : Snorkel at Ko Maa & Ko Chuek, visit Moracot Cave (Emerald Cave) on Ko Mook and lunch and chill on either Ko Kradan or Ko Ngai

To visit the Emerald Cave you have an 80m swim through a partially dark cave which then opens up to an enclosed roofless hall containing white sands, emerald waters and limestone jungle walls

Take one of the many yoga classes available all over the island

Click here for yoga on Lanta ; class locations, schedules & more

Learn poi spinning / fire dancing

Thai Cooking Classes - There are various cooking schools on the island with Time for Lime and @cooking in Klong Dao, Lanta Thai Cookery School off the main road at Relax Beach, Roi Thai in Klong Nin and Cooking with Mon in Old Town

Play with the cats or take a dog for a walk at Lanta Animal Welfare

Muay Thai Training - Klong Dao Stadium and Lanta Muay Thai Complex (new 2017) in Klong Dao, Lanta Gym in Sports Resort Phra Ae and Sing Dam Gym (new 2017) in Klong Nin

Traditional Bamboo Tattoos - There are over 20 tattoo studios on Lanta offering both bamboo and machine tattoos - click for more details

Learn to speak Thai, spin fire or how to paint batik. Horse riding, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, fishing... more to follow...

email photo or flyer to henry@lovelanta.com to suggest a new activity